There are people out there who prefer the taste of coffee to tea, and there are some who prefer tea to coffee. You might like one over the other or you might enjoy both. Which one of the two options is easier to make? It depends on how you go about doing things. If you are interested in consuming more of the beverage that is easier to make, then you need to learn more about the whole process of making either one. You have to learn about the tools that you can use to make coffee or tea and how each tool can work for you.

Tea Made with a Tea Kettle is Simple

When you are making tea, you can make the process very simple by using a tea kettle. To do this, you will a special kettle with water. This kettle is like a mix between a kettle and a pitcher, and it is made just for preparing tea. You set this kettle on the stove and you turn on the burner. The kettle lets out a whistle when it is hot, and then you simply pour the hot water over a tea bag in a mug.

Instant Coffee Can be Made with a Tea Kettle

When you want to make instant coffee, you can do that with help from a tea kettle. You prepare the water in the same way as described above, and then you pour it over instant coffee granules in a mug. Stir, and you have your coffee ready to go.

Coffee vs Tea Which is Easier to Make

Coffee Can Take Time to Brew

If you are someone who prefers regular coffee to instant coffee, then you will find that you need to give that coffee time to brew. You will fill your coffee pot by putting in a paper filter and then coffee grounds and water. You will wait for the machine to get to work, and this can take minutes. The work is simple, but it can be time-consuming.

Tea Needs to Sit Before It is Ready to Drink

Tea preparation can be time-consuming, too, as the bag needs to sit in your mug of hot water for a good amount of time before it will be ready to drink. Different teas require different amounts of time to prepare for drinking.

The Time Required Depends on Your Tastes and Your Preparation Style

If you are someone who goes for whole bean coffee and then grinds that up at home, you will take longer to prepare your coffee than a person who makes their tea from a tea bag will take to prepare that drink. If you are someone who likes to create your own special blends of tea and who likes to have that tea grow strong by brewing for a long time, then someone who makes instant coffee will be faster at preparing their drink than you will be at preparing yours. Tea and coffee are both relatively easy to make, and determining which is easier to make is difficult to do as it all depends on the way that you go about doing things.